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Some of the many services we provide are as follows:

Engine Repair - Engine Maintenance - Engine Overhauls


Propeller Repair - Tune Up - Oil Change

certified dealer 

certified dealer

certified technicians




Our professionally trained technicians are Mercury and Mercruiser & Volvo Certified, through continuing education classes at Mercury & Volvo Facilities our techs stay compliant and up to date on the latest products and technology.  

Our service area consists of 3 large bays equipped with overhead hoists giving us the capability to perform a variety of services.  From small issues to major engine rebuilds you can count on Torch River Marine.  We have technicians available 7 days a week during the summer boating season.

Winterizing - 

Let us prepare your boat for the unfortunate, but long winter slumber.  Full winterization for inboard/outboard motors includes; engine oil change, gear lube change, along with oil and fuel filter changes. We also run your engine on -100 degree antifreeze to ensure that your engine does not get damaged from the cold temperatures of the winter months.  Four stroke outboards will receive; engine oil change, oil filter change, as well as your gear lube changed.  Two stroke motors will receive gear lube change.  All categories of engines will receive fogging of the cylinders if applicable and all fuel will be treated with winter stabilizer.  Boats with water systems, on-board facilities, generators, and air conditioners will be properly winterized as well.  Please call for prices.

Summerizing -

Let our technicians get your boat ready for the up-coming summer.  They personally check fluids, check the operation of the electrical system and take your watercraft on a lake test to ensure that you have no suprises on your first voyage out onto the water.

Shrinkwrapping -  

Let us shrinkwrap your boat to protect it from the winter weather.  We build our support system out of quality 2x4 construction to prevent collapsing which could be caused by heavy snow accumulation or harsh winter winds.  We use the fine quality shrinkwrap.  Ventilation is added and moisture precautions are taken so that your boat, when uncovered in the spring, is not growing mold.

Marine Services

we are a full service marina 
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